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Prince Arinze and trainees at Jovana farm

Prince Arinze with seminar participantst Jovana Farm

Prince Arinze co-ordinating the cutting of grass for grasscutters.


Prince Arinze at a farm site


Fish and livestock farming can be an excellent investment if, like any other business is planned carefully and managed efficiently. Like many other forms of agri-business it takes experience to realize good returns.

However, many investors enter the industry with insufficient capital and the training, expect overnight break-even, and manage their business like hobby farm. Many of their designs are inappropriate to their particular species and local climate, and advice is taken from people not directly associated with the industry. The best person to ask for advice is a professional / seasoned fish and livestock farmer.

"JOVANA FARMS" can reduce your expenses substantially with advice gained over many years of experience in fish and livestock farming and farm set-up.Also , farming management and design. Farm layouts are designed to be compact and time efficient. Pens, hutches and ponds maximize the use of land space while maintaining the goal of maximizing growth rates and production of first grade animals.

JOVANA FARMS, delivers complete technology on Intensive and Extensive Systems based  on agro farming to meet your budgets, even if you don’t have substantial capital we know how you can improvise.

If you desire to invest in fish and livestock production in any form, JOVANA FARMS is ready and experienced to train, guide and mentor you wisely from site survey, location of project set-ups, feasibility reporting, modern fish and livestock farm construction.



BREAKING NEWS!!! We have large quantity of Mushrooms, Fish Fingerlings / Juveniles, Snail, Antelope, Rabbit and Grasscutter breeders. Quail birds and eggs, VCD and Manual Self Tutorial materil and cages of all types and sizes.




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